Classic Comfort


Classics are classic for a reason: because everybody loves them. Grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs (unfortunately for our thighs) are good examples of this theory and even our kids will agree. We’ve got two great urban restos to take the whole family for a modern version of these great classics.
The Grilled Cheese is not just a sandwich, it’s now a cool and cozy restaurant that serves the sandwich—in about 10 different ways. From the ‘Classic’ (Monterey Jack, cheddar, provolone, and tomato), to the popular ‘Black Jack’ (Jalapeño Monterey Jack, tomato, spinach, and black olive pesto), all sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients bought every morning from Kensington Market. Chips and dill pickles arrive on the side of every sandwich, which makes them even better than what mom used to make.

If you are on a low-carb/low-grease diet, choose one of the rotating homemade soups and chili options served in this cottagey, all-wood and child-friendly spot. Now that the weather is nice, enjoy your meal with the kids on one of the picnic benches outside, and then go for a wander around the market.


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