Easy Access


It’s such a wonderful time of year. The air is crisp, the sun is bright and you can’t wait to throw open that garage door, run to the back and retrieve your bikes and gardening tools. You leap over garbage bins, t-ball stand and lawn furniture piled high. Ach! Is that your ankle that just twisted on a partially-deflated beach ball rolling around under your soccer mom chair?
You’re not alone if you suffer from seasonal garage disorder anxiety. (It’s not an official medical term, but we’re pretty sure most moms know what we’re talking about.) Time for a garage makeover, perchance?

With a throbbing ankle and a racing heart, we turned to a professional—Rick Scully, savvy dad and owner of Nuvo Garage. He’s the man who can help you access your bikes, trikes and sprinkler when you need them most. Better yet, he’ll help you find a home for all those important-to-your-family items for easy (injury-free) access.

Nuvo Garage offers a complete hands-off service to come to your home, clear out your junk, and transform your garage into an organizational masterpiece. How do they do this? With a heavy duty slatwall installation and a variety of interchangeable baskets and hooks that can hang and host all of your gear.


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