Mom Maintenance


We’re ready for a pat—make that a deep-tissue massage—on the back.
Firstly, we’re frazzled about all the frizz. You know, the kind that makes our hair look the opposite of smooth? Now that our latest hope (the Keratin blowout) has been banned, we’re looking for less-toxic hair treatments. Our first stop is Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials.

Michael Victor, our main man at Delineation is a seasoned and not-easily-impressed professional in all things beauty. So when a product gets him passionate, we get hopeful. We like his recommendation of the new Sojurn line of shampoos ($30 for 300 ml), conditioners ($34 for 250 ml) and styling products. Made with a proper pH base, Keratin cashmere protein, they’re gluten free, sodium sulphate free and could be the cure-all for that frizz.

Now that we’ve found hope for our hair cuticles, our hair dryer is under the microscope. It’s likely the smoking gun (literally) in our investigation over what happens to our healthy hair. Sure, there’s pregnancy and environmental factors, but dryers that are too hot essentially fry the follicle. For healthier looking hair, a new dryer is the verdict. Delineation carries a range of dryers from middle price-point to high. We like the Carrera 2 Ceramic by Babyliss (for thicker hair) or Whal dryers (for finer hair). They may just blow you away.


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