Paws Up


First we learned about Farmer Brown’s dog, B-I-N-G-O, then we cried through Bambi. Old Yeller was a classic, along with other childhood faves like Lassie and Flipper. Yes, we remember fondly the animals of our youth and there’s no doubt that today’s kids love animals too.
That’s why we think Pawsitively Pets Camp is such a great idea—whether you own a pet or not. This camp for kids in Toronto is dedicated to animal lovers. With programs for ‘young pups’ starting from age five, all the way to the ‘mini-vet’ program for the teen set, they offer wonderful one week, all-day programs for children who enjoy connecting with a wide variety of animals. Kids get to work with the animals hands on and understand more about animal care and how to safely interact with them. The Pawsitively Pets Camp knows that exploring the love of pets and animals is a great learning experience for children, and it allows them to build self-confidence and a sense of compassion.


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