Personal Strength


Too expensive, too far, too many mirrors, too little time, don’t have the right outfit…and the list of why we don’t join a gym goes on (regardless of any New Year’s resolutions we might have made).
Well, move over Jane Fonda, because if you want to work out at home we have a new solution for you (no eighties music or headband included). In case you haven’t had a personal trainer in the last few years (us neither), the experts are telling us now that the best way to abs of steel is to burn fat and increase your metabolism through low-impact body strengthening. And the latest phenomenon that allows you to shape up at home (while Jack and Jill are sleeping, perhaps) is the Lebert Equalizer.

You say you don’t know what low-impact core strength training means? You don’t need to. The Lebert Equalizer, two free-standing steel support bars with foam handles, comes with a beginner and intermediate DVD and a poster with instructions for all the stretching and strengthening exercises (over 75 of them) you need to get in shape for 2008.


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