Take the Work Out of Supper


We’ve heard it said that without that glass of wine before dinner, there would be no dinner. It’s called the witching hour. Others call it the five o’clock scramble. Whatever you call it, most moms agree that it is the most taxing part of the day. No matter how organized you are, you still have to plan, shop and prep (never mind cook) before that grub hits the plate.
It’s all about getting dinner on the table and luckily there is help. It’s called Supperworks and it’s easy, fun and accessible. They take the planning, shopping, prep and cleaning out of the equation for you. Supperworks is a food preparation kitchen where you can walk in empty-handed and one hour later walk out with six, nine or twelve healthy meals for your family that you made with love and care. The meals are ready for the freezer, labeled with the appropriate cooking information, and ready to be stored until time to cook and eat.


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