The Fruit Fairy


Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
Bunch of organic bananas.
Bunch of organic bananas who?
No really, there’s a bunch of bananas at your door.

No, it’s not the fruit fairy come to save you from a panicked mid-week rush to the market to refill your crisper. It’s Wanigan!

Wanigan is a native North American word meaning a chest for storing supplies, but it is also an Ontario-based produce delivery service that has made more than 250,000 deliveries to homes in the GTA since it began in 1997. And there are a bunch of reasons we’re devoted fans.

First, although they offer an a la carte order system through their website, we adore the creativity that opting for a weekly Wanigan will bring into your life. You choose the size of delivery (ranging from $25 to $54, free delivery) and whether you’d like all fruits, all vegetables or a mixture, and Wanigan will pick the freshest local and organic produce to bring to your door.

If you never pick up plums at the grocery store or always forget about how great kiwis are, a Wanigan delivery will get you out of your rut and bring new foods to your table—and to your children’s palates.


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