Get Out to Play In


Autumn is a magical time of year with the power to transform leaves from green to gold and the living room sofa from sitting place to trampoline, as kids bring rambunctious play in from the cold. While we’re keen to encourage our budding Olympians, we also have a vested interest in preserving our well-loved furniture and the kids’ heads, which keep coming dangerously close to the coffee table.
So that’s why we have a fondness for indoor playgrounds that give little ones a safe place to run, climb and play and give moms a safe place to sit, chat and drink java.

Joso’s Play and Learn Center and Playtopia Family Entertainment Center might be pushing (and crossing) city limits, but we think they’re worth the trip.

Both Joso’s and Playtopia have large play structures with nets, slides and windows from above but are small enough that you can usually find a child-on-the-go in seconds.


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