The New Cakes

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

We know babies are born every day, all year long. But for some reason, it feels like there are more being born in the spring—and we know that because there are more birthday parties in the spring. Just ask the cupcake companies.
Here are some of our fave picks if you’re looking for a new take on the ‘new cake’ (and by that we mean cupcakes because cakes are so 2008).

For the Artist
Icing on the Cupcake is a new company that’s all about the cupcake as a lootbag. All you do is call or email your party theme, and you’ll receive individually packaged cupcakes, undressed, with a side of toppings for the birthday guests to create for themselves. We like that with Icing on the Cupcake, there is no mess and less waste. Order at least three days in advance. Free delivery is available for certain locations.

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