Toronto: Calling All Mompreneurs

It’s a word that’s entered our lexicon, and none too soon. After all, when women are starting up small businesses at twice the rate as men (and one-third of them have kids under 12!), you know it’s not just a passing fad.

Not that that’s news to us at SavvyMom (a mom-run media company). Since we launched almost two years ago, we’ve been constantly impressed by the number of Canadian mompreneurs whose great products and services we’ve enjoyed uncovering and promoting. And today, in celebration of all those moms who dared to dream big, we’re announcing the SavvyMom Mompreneur of the Year Award (with an $18,000 prize no less)!

We’ll start with just one of those businesses for today—it’s called (and aptly named) Your Momma! Run by Sara Purves, savvymom to Grace who is two years old. Sara is a graphic designer by trade who initially started a small work-from-home business called Fuzzy Sweater designing cards and stationery, and selling them online.


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