Worth the Trip

They are popping up everywhere. The Beaches, Queen West, North Toronto. Fabulous new shops we’ve found that are run by very savvy moms, filled with goodies for our little ones.
Like most mom entrepreneurs, these newborn retailers are united in their desire to fill a gap in the market that they discovered as new parents. They all love what they sell and are passionate about what they do. And they’re all worth a trip to, we think.

imageBooks on the Beach
ellaminnow is actually the name of a new children’s bookstore, the latest addition to the Beaches fabulous child-friendly strip along Queen St. East. Pop in for a look and visit Fiver and Hazel, the two resident bunnies. Also note the handy change table in the washroom that you are welcome to use. ellaminnow is a beautiful shop with a lovingly curated book collection run by Heather Kuipers, savvy mom of three. Heather’s background in social work, motherhood and a true love of children’s literature is all she needs to make the right choices when selecting her books. She simply chooses books that she loves: “They have to be beautiful, educational and real”. With its soothing vibe and great selection of gifts, this is definitely worth the trip if you’re not a Beach/Beaches (we don’t want to weigh in on that debate!) resident.

We found some fabulous designs like the machine-washable (with antibacterial insoles) sneakers by Tsukihoshi, beautiful hand-made wooden pull toys from Dinoxu and one-of-a-kind clothes from local designers like our favourite from A-List, the “Jacqui” dress, and t-shirts from our Danish fave ej sikke lej.


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