Tweet Now, Pay Later


Don’t tweet, just vote.
Tweeting election results today could result in up to a $25,000 fine or up to five years of jail time.

Not tweeting (or being penalized for tweeting), some are arguing, is a violation of our rights to freedom of speech.

So what to do? Join in some of the ‘tweet-ins’ happening on Twitter as a protest? Use code names to post results in eastern provinces before the west-coast polls close? Or follow the code of law that prohibits the media from posting election results before the polls close?

These are some of the big discussions happening on this Election Day where the race definitely appears close and the leadership of the country is up for grabs.

What many people are asking is how the government plans to manage this Twitter blackout? What I would like to ask is how can the government expect the same standards of behaviour from individuals in the community at large as they do of the media? Particularly heavy social media users.

So if you’re thinking of tweeting out of turn, take heed and know the ramifications. We’re thinking we’d rather keep the $25,000 in our pocket for Mother’s Day.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this blackout will actually take place?

Now stop worrying about tweets and go vote.


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