Feast On This



Let’s talk turkey. Have you ordered yours?

Thanksgiving will be here before you can say ‘sweet potato casserole’, so now is the time to order your turkey or duck. 

Vancouverites have been flocking to Windsor Meats for decades to buy their birds. Three locations around the city (North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Main Street) mean easy access for pick-up. Even better: these birds are free-range and grain fed from Skye Farms in the nearby Fraser Valley.

If you truly want to be the talk of the table, kill three birds with one stone and order the turducken. A turducken is a duck wrapped in a chicken wrapped in a turkey and it feeds 12–15 people with big appetites. Read that again if you must, we speak the truth. 

If ho-hum stuffing isn’t your thing, they also make a mean sausage-based stuffing.

Three juicy birds for dinner. That’s something to be grateful for.


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