May the Workforce Be With You


We know the phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant; there’s no free lunch where procreating is involved. But when the paid workforce beckons, it can be a scary step for mothers who have been absent.

Whether you want to reinvent yourself, find a job that’s family-friendly, or pick up where you left off, there’s a lot to consider. We spoke with Sarah ter Keurs, Program Leader at UBC Continuing Studies to learn more about how to make the transition to pantyhose and spreadsheets. Here is some of her advice.

Consider a life coach.
A life coach can help define your skills, talents and fears, and will help you build a roadmap for a successful re-entry into the workforce orbit.

Build your personal brand.
Add new experiences like fundraising or volunteering in the classroom. LinkedIn, the standard social media professional network, is an excellent place to start.

Reconnect and network.
Your old world can create bridges to your new career. Prepare an elevator speech: a two minute speech that describes who you are and what you do best.

Update yourself.
It’s never been easier to network from home with social media. UBC offers courses on social media and digital communications at Robson Square, which is also home to Life and Career Directions program. Be sure to take advantage of their free services.

If you’re considering making the transition from playdates to paycheques, be sure to get these tips working for you.

Whether you work at the office or at home, we know there’s never enough hours in the day. That’s why we’re sure you’ll love our 12 Ways to Keep it Simple.  


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