Cozy Creations


Whoever said clothes make the man never had to wrestle a sweater onto a writhing toddler.
With our cold and damp Canadian winters, not wearing a sweater is akin to begging for the cold and flu to come to you. And yet, clever kids are known to hide their sweaters under beds. It’€™s too scratchy, it’€™s too itchy, it’€™s choking me, it’€™s too boring and ugly… (and the list goes on).

To the rescue comes another brilliant mom entrepreneur, Rachel Hayward and OTO (One Time Only) Designs.

Graphic artist Rachel and her partner, Allison design and produce unique sweaters for tots (and adults) using the softest fleece, brightest piping and funkiest graphics. With stars and skulls, flowers and flames, dump trucks and peace signs, letters and favorite numbers to choose from, OTO sweaters are like customized snuggies, except they’€™re hip and cool. Kids will live in their OTO sweaters, happily wearing them to school, the slopes and everywhere in between.


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