Hit the Town (Centre)


If it takes a village to raise a child, we moms are about to get another pair of helping hands.
This weekend marks the grand opening of Lynn Valley Town Centre in North Vancouver, a new town centre that’s a good family destination even for those who live “off the Shore.”

Why do we love it? Let us count the ways:

  1. The library, which anchors the brand-new district-owned development, has a children’s department with lots of beckoning reading areas and glass walls that take in the streetscape and mountain view.
  2. Shops surround a huge, sunny village square where your children can safely play while you chill with a latte from Delaney’s, one of Vancouver’s favourite locally owned coffeehouses.
  3. The village square is hosting a free summer concert series, starting on July 11—look forward to six folksy and funky Friday nights.


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