Show Me the Bunny


Did you know the words ‘Easter’ and ‘estrogen’ both derive from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility? With this feminine influence dominating Easter’s pre-Christian tradition, it’s no wonder that chocolate plays a starring role in this annual celebration.
Here’s a round-up of unique Metro Van sweet spots, just in time for Easter shopping, but equally fun for year-round indulgence.

Charlie’s Chocolate Factory is the place to go when bunnies just won’t cut it. At Charlie’s, you can browse through chocolates shaped like construction tools, trains, hair dryers, you name it. They have a great on-site selection, especially at their Burnaby HQ, but if you want to order a certain shape, look through their extensive online catalogue and it can usually be ready for pick-up in two to three days. A smaller outlet has opened its doors in PoCo, as well.

If you love the thought of customized ‘theme’ treats, but cookies are more your bag, check out Diva Designs. Owner Sabrina Podlesnik can re-create almost any theme for an adult or children’s party. Diva Design’s gorgeous personalized cookies can double as birth announcements, birthday ‘loot bags’, or Easter party place settings.

Family-friendly luxury is afoot at the Mink Café in downtown Vancouver, where you might sit down for a chocolate fondue or Belgian waffles while deciding which hand-crafted, preservative-free bonbons or bars to take home. The Mink Café is a relative newcomer to the Vancouver sweet-scene but is already a top spot on many folks’ lists.


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