The Getaway Team


Whoever said “money makes the world go ’round” really meant “Mommy makes the world go ’round”. On top of caring for our lovable offspring, most of us are responsible for everything else, like the family pet, the garden, the car, the house, the plants…
We dream of day-trips, weekends away and (gasp) an extended holiday, but getting away isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be when it takes months to plan it. Finding someone trustworthy to step into our demanding shoes is tricky business. We won’t hand over the keys or the leash to just anyone. Hearing your cry, we’ve sourced some reliable house and pet sitters so that you can make that great escape this summer.

How about a service that offers everything from walking your dog to watering your garden while you are away? Such a godsend could only be the product of another mother. Amy Vilis, mom entrepreneur and owner of Creature Comforts, employs a team of house and pet sitters who scurry around Vancouver keeping home fires burning for vacationing families. Not only can your pet be cared for in the luxury of your own home, but Creature Comforts will also perform home security visits and make your home looked lived in during your absence. Mail, newspapers and flyers are cleared, and garbage and recycling get to the curb.


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