Wave Your Flag


All the world’s a stage with the World Cup these days (that’s soccer for those of you who just woke up to the honking and flag-waving going on recently). And for most families, it’s big news because pretty much any boy or girl that can walk has played soccer at some stage. It’s the first game they play, so it’s the first game they like. Now you understand their interest in the World Cup.
What does this mean for moms besides less time watching the kids play and more time watching real men play? It’s a lesson in geography and the various countries’ flags, of course. Here are some ways to sneak a little learning into the World Cup fun.

Since there’s an app for most things these days, it’s no surprise there’s a Name the Flag App that is free, fun and easy to play. As long as you know your flags, of course. And if you don’t, it’s a good way to get started.


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