Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to October

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

It sort of snuck up on us, didn’t it? October, that is, and those leaves will be turned before you get a chance get Tom Turkey into the oven on Thanksgiving Day. So be prepared—it’s a busy month. These savvy tips should help.
Register yourself for the national Do Not Call List
Why? Because you don’t have time for telemarketers and they’ll soon be able to try to reach you on your cell phones (so not savvy).

See The Wiggles Go Bananas! on October 9!
Why? Because we know you have a secret crush on Captain Feathersword, and besides, it will make the kids dance and smile, too.

Your turkey and your Halloween candy early
Why? Pre-ordering your bird from the butcher ensures you get the right size and buying the candy before the last-minute scramble ensures you can get nut-free treats.

Dress Up
Why? Isn’t it obvious? You’ll have new costumes (and adults can play too).

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