To Market, To Market


Outdoor markets are in full swing in and around Victoria this month. But if you’re thinking it’s all about ‘to market, to market to buy a fat pig’, think again. Today’s farmer and artisan markets are a treasure trove of fabulous finds.
My Friend Monster makes one-of-a-kind, friendly monster stuffies from repurposed, up-cycled wool sweaters. Head monster, Terri Wild, gives each of her creations a name to match its unique personality. We especially like her tooth fairy pillows and pajama bags that make fabulous, soft additions to anyone’s room. Got a family pet? Terri makes custom replica stuffies of Rover, too.

AbeegoThe new Abeego is getting lots of attention from the environmentally conscious market–goers in the crowd. This genius invention by Toni Desrosiers is a revolutionary food storage product made from natural hemp/cloth fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extract. Not only is it nice to touch, it molds neatly around food (no more escaping sandwich fillings). It smells lovely, keeps food safe and is completely reusable after hand washing.


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