Walk the Talk


Moms are always thinking about others and doing for others. We were wired that way. But once in a while it would be nice to have something that does a little work for us…with no effort on our part, of course. So imagine a world where the everyday flip flop—a summer shoe staple for moms—could provide comfort and support for your feet and (here’s the real hook) work your legs and butt at the same time?
Well, the FitFlop has brought that world to us—and we’re quite happy there.

How can a simple sandal do all that? It’s the (not so-simple) miracle of modern science and technology. FitFlop midsoles incorporate patent-pending microwobbleboard™ technology to give you a workout while you walk. The FitFlop’s unique safely-tapered midsole challenges the muscles in your legs (and upper thighs) to work harder by altering your balance with each step. You can learn more about the engineering of a multi density midsole to work the gluteus maximus and the rectus femorus here but we can tell you that they feel good and look pretty good too.



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