Wax On, Wax Off: What to Do with Wax Paper

What to Do with Wax Paper - SavvyMom

Parchment, parchment, parchment! If parchment’s all the rage these days, why are we still struggling with that clunky wax paper roll in our kitchen drawer? Maybe it’s that the box still looks the same as it did when we were growing up, because there’s something a little old-fashioned about it. But it’s a mistake to think it doesn’t belong in your savvy kitchen. Wax paper is non-stick and its waterproof properties make it indispensable.

Originally developed for food storage, it fell out of fashion when plastic wrap came along, but we all know how fashions change. So grandma’s not wrapping your egg salad sandwiches in it anymore, so why even keep it if all it does is take up valuable storage space?

Some of my favourite uses for wax paper, beyond storing hamburger patties, include:

  • Use it as a splatter cover in the microwave (wax paper doesn’t melt like plastic wrap). And you can prevent a big mess by placing a sheet on the bottom of the microwave for easy cleanup.
  • Place a sheet underneath your cheese grater or on the counter when working with any non-liquid ingredients that spill (such as flour). Simply pick up the paper and slide the grated cheese just where you need it or the spilled ingredients back into the container. Easy clean up.
  • Line the rim of your cake platter with strips of wax paper when you are icing the cake. When you’re finished, just remove the strips and any drips will come along too, leaving your platter picture perfect
  • Rub a piece of around the rim of food jars to prevent food from clinging to the lip of the jar and dripping

Do you still use wax paper? Do you have a favourite way to use it? We’d love to hear it.


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