What’s in Your Kids’ Lunchbox?


I came across a story this weekend that I thought was interesting, and I wanted to hear your opinion on the matter.
A Toronto middle school has decided to encourage their students to embrace a nutritious lifestyle by clamping down on the contents of their packed lunches. Chocolate, candy and soda are no longer welcome additions to the midday meal. Instead, students are asked/required to bring fresh, wholesome snack options in an effort to encourage them to eat healthier.

There are some exceptions, of course; potato chips and granola bars are still okay, and the holiday season will allow for a few sweet treats to be tucked into the bag.

At the school in question, the parents assisted in the implementation of this new food rule and are happy with the results. However, critics say that the school is overstepping the boundaries and it should be up to the parents to decide what their children eat during the day.

What do you think’€”is this step necessary to assist in the battle against childhood obesity? Or should parents have the final say on what goes into a lunchbox without the interference of the school administration?


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