Homemade Chocolate Easter Cream Eggs Recipe - SavvyMom

Homemade Chocolate Easter Cream Eggs

Children love to make the insides of these homemade chocolate Easter cream eggs. (It’s like playdough). Make sure you your hands first!

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3 Easy Easter Table Décor Ideas

Easy and inexpensive Easter table top decor ideas.

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Fun Things to Do for Easter in Toronto

We’re rounding up some fab events for Easter in Toronto and area that are all about having some springtime fun with your family.

Easter in Vancouver - SavvyMom

Hopping Holiday Fun for Easter in Vancouver

From yummy chocolate treats to underground mine rides, there’s a little bit of everything for Easter in Vancouver.

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Events & Activities to Check Out for Easter in Calgary

With Easter in Calgary just around the corner, visions of egg hunts and bunnies may just be hopping in your head.

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Fun Family Activities & Events for Easter in Ottawa

Easter in Ottawa is coming up which means a variety of activities, celebrations, and events will be taking place all around the city.

The Savvy Guide to Easter - SavvyMom

The Savvy Guide to Easter

Our Savvy Guide to Easter is full of ideas for celebrating Easter — whether you’re hosting a family gathering or having a small egg hunt at home.

Baked Maple and Citrus Glazed Ham Recipe - SavvyMom

Maple and Citrus Glazed Ham

There is nothing easier to serve to a large crowd than a baked ham. Make it a maple and citrus glazed ham and you’ll be a bigger star than the Easter Bunny!

Hot Cross Cookies Recipe - SavvyMom

Hot Cross Cookies

Was there anything more disappointing than biting into a hot cross bun? These hot cross buns in cookie form are delightfully delicious. They’re sure to be a hit with your entire family this Easter.