How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch


Let’s face it, things change when you have kids, and the amount you entertain at home is usually one of them. Hosting an Easter brunch is a great way of staying social—little kids are usually at their best in the mornings, and brunch is a cheap, cheerful, and casual alternative to fancy dinnertime entertaining.

Follow our Savvy advice for hosting an Easter brunch and don’t be surprised if this becomes your signature annual event.

No babysitters required. Your guests will love that they don’t have to scramble to find a babysitter for this family-friendly event. Make the highlight of the brunch an Easter egg hunt, and your entertainment needs are solved.

Weather permitting, hide the eggs outside, and provide rabbit ears for the hunters for the ultimate photo op. Keep the age of your little bunnies in mind—for toddlers or little kids, scattering eggs around in the grass is just fine. Keep the hunt corralled to a certain area, and if kids of multiple ages are hunting, limit the number of eggs each child can find to even the playing field.

Centrepiece solution. Finally, a use for the dozens of pastel eggs your children have carefully dyed. Collect eggs in small wicker baskets to adorn the buffet table. If you want to go the extra mile, add a few bunches of cheap and cheerful tulips for another pop of colour.

No place settings required. With little ones running around, no one has time to sit down anyway. Choose casual menu items that can be eaten while standing, so think fruit kebabs instead of fruit salad.

Keep the menu simple and fun. Try our recipe for Make-Ahead Sticky Cinnamon Rolls (which can be made up in advance and frozen until needed) or Oatmeal Muffins. Add our ever-popular Vegetable Carrot and our Make-Ahead Hash Brown Quiche and you’re set.

The secret is coffee—lots of it—when it comes to entertaining overtired parents. This is not the time to show off your inner barista—use a coffee percolator to take care of all your java needs. Consider using your wine charms to keep track of all the coffee mugs that will be abandoned when guests turn to attend to children, or print names on tape and affix to mugs.

BYOB. Remind guests beforehand this is a ‘bring your own basket’ event, but have a few extra on hand in case they forget.

Bring back the bunny hop. It’s our parental duty to keep this dance alive. Form a chain—adults and kids alike—hold on to the person’s hips in front of you, and don’t let go. Savvy tip: line up tallest to smallest for best results. Kids still got energy? Try a bunny hopping relay. 

Get cracking on your Easter brunch ideas before your friends beat you to it.



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