We Need to Do More than Just Talk About Mental Health Care

How are we going to help those who need intense treatment regain some of their dignity and autonomy? How will we give them agency while ensuring their safety?

Potty Trained Child Having Accidents at School - SavvyMom

Is Your Potty-Trained Child Having Accidents at School?

Is your potty trained child having accidents at school? For many kids, especially Kindergarteners, incontinence is normal. Here’s what to do.

Eating Mindfully Tips - SavvyMom

Forget Willpower. Eating Mindfully Is Better

Are you eating mindfully? Studies prove just how unperceptive we can be about what we eat and when.

Expert Sun Safety Tips & Information - SavvyMom

Expert Sun Safety Information & Tips

We sought out an expert for her sun safety information and tips because even the savviest among us get stumped when it comes to SPF, UVA, and UVB ratings.

Best Sunscreen for Kids

Best Sunscreen for Kids

Sunscreen is essential. Based on info from the Canadian Dermatology Association, here are our top choices for best sunscreen for kids and the whole family…

Eczema in Kids

What Parents Need to Know About Raising Kids with Eczema

A dermatologist can provide a proper diagnosis and individual treatment for kids with eczema. And here’s more helpful information.

Is There Such a Thing as an ADHD Diet?

Is there such a thing as an ADHD diet? What foods should be avoided when it comes to kids and ADHD? One expert shares her opinion.

Sleeping Tips for Older Kids - SavvyMom

Sleeping Tips for Older Kids

Although I am by no means a sleep expert, I would like to share my sleeping tips for older kids in case they are helpful for other formerly good sleepers and as advice for what not to do in the future…

Managing Anxiety - SavvyMom

The ‘No BS’ Guide to Battling Anxiety

Anxiety is a coat of many colours—six colours to be exact, including social, specific phobia, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, and my own generalized variety. None of them are flattering, and all are crippling.