5 Inspiring Quotes for Monday Blues

5 Inspiring Quotes for Monday Blues - SavvyMom

Blue Monday” happens once a year (the third Monday of January in case you’re curious) and it’s really not a thing. Actually, it’s a pretty great New Order song from the ’80s. But feeling blue on a Monday morning is definitely a thing that can happen 52 weeks per year, if you let it. If you’re not into winter sports like snowboarding or find getting out to play in the winter a real effort, you may very well struggle at the start of a new week. I try to look at Mondays as a fresh slate and a new opportunity to have a great week, but the pandemic is kicking my ass so I’ve been searching the interwebs for some inspiring quotes for Monday blues.

5 Quotes for Monday Blues

“You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
C.S. Lewis

Sometimes you stumble upon a quote that hits you right when you need it, and this quote was stenciled on a wall where lots of people could use it, including me. The Irish writer and scholar C.S. Lewis is most famous for the novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and The Chronicles of Narnia series, but he was also a scholar who served on the front lines in France during the First World War.

Now AAP FactCheck says this quote is not, in fact, by Lewis but is likely a paraphrase of a quote from his book Mere Christianity.

“There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

In addition to Blue Monday, the third Monday in January is also Marthin Luther King, Jr. day in the United States, in honour of the late civil rights leader’s birthday on January 15. MLK Jr. Day is a federal holiday in the US, and it is also their first holiday honouring an African American.

If starting your week is stressful due to nasty co-workers or a painful family situation, it makes sense to take an inspiring quote for Monday blues from a man who truly saw the best in everyone, even if they didn’t always deserve it.

“Often out of periods of losing come the greatest strivings toward a new winning streak.”
Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers’ full name is Fred McFeely Rogers which is perfect because everything that man has ever said or done gives us ALL the feels. Looking back at “good” people of history there is usually a thing or two that makes you cringe. But Mr. Rogers is one of those rare humans who was truly good. No one’s yet uncovered anything to change how we look back at Mr. Rogers, and I doubt they will.

So if you’re feeling like nothing’s ever going to go your way and Monday mornings are no exception, Mr. Rogers believes in you, even if you don’t.

“Hope keeps you focused on the future, and this continued focus perpetuates your denial of the Now and therefore your unhappiness.”
Eckhart Tolle

My first attempts at reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle left me sitting with, like, a giant question mark floating over my head. But FINALLY I was able to understand that hope instills in us the notion that what’s happening right now isn’t good, isn’t positive, so how can we possibly find peace if we’re “hoping” for future happiness? Right now you have everything you need. Hope leads us to believe that you don’t.

“Self-pity in its early stages is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable.”
Maya Angelou

I feel like this is one of most perfect quotes for Monday blues because Dr. Angelou is saying it’s ok to indulge in a little self pity. It feels snug and safe. Let yourself feel it. And once you start to feel discomfort in its snugness, it’s time to take action. Let one of the most inspiring and creative women in history inspire you to feel your feelings then use them to move on.

Happy Monday, and everyday.

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