5 Ways I Manage My Everyday Anxiety (Every Day)


Part of living with anxiety means that when I get low, I get very, very low. I get stuck in this place where it feels impossible to climb out of the hole I’ve fallen into, and it seems pointless to try. And when I am able to experience the highs of anxiety-free moments, it’s such an amazing sensation, almost euphoric.

These are the two extremes though, and do not accurately reflect my every day. On a day to day basis, my anxious moments are smaller, quieter, and pretty manageable with some basic coping mechanisms. These are a result of my own personal experience and may not work for everyone – and they are not the only techniques that I use.

When I was asked to write about how I cope every day, I decided to write about the smallest methods that have the most impact and are easiest to incorporate into everyday life. I hope that this is helpful to you.