Are We Romanticizing the BFF?


In today’s society women are bombarded with messages of friendship on social media, movies and books. From an early age, some would argue as early as childhood, women are expected to find ‘the one’. Not him, rather her. The best friend: keeper of all secrets, sharer of all experiences and treasurer of the most sacred bond between women. In recent years, having one BFF isn’t good enough, society has upped the ante, and with the wild success of television shows like Sex and The City and Girls, and celebrities Instagramming their weekend escapades, women are now tasked with finding an entire crew of besties!

But women are complex creatures, and friendships are not as simplistic as a television or smart screen would have you believe.Β Β  To guide us through the complexities of female friendships and dispel some myths surrounding the best friend, is registered psychotherapist Stacey Gorlicky.

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