Confessions of an Awkward Mom

Confessions of an Awkward Mom
By Momjo
I’m the mom whose nose is stuck to her phone most of the time.
I’m the mom who says hi but quickly walks away from you.
I’m the mom who texts instead of calling, likes drop-off birthday parties and leaves the kids in school as close to the bell time as possible.
I’m the mom who you probably think of as antisocial. The pleasant but weird one. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know that you never exchanged more than a:
“Hey, how are you?” with me.
You’ll probably notice me in the school yard from time to time. I am that mom
Even as a kid, I never particularly liked to hang out in cliques. I never knew what to say, or when the proper time to get in a word would be. I was friends with both some popular kids and a few misfits. But I never quite fit in.