Your Dining Dilemmas Answered


In 2010 Ipsos Reid and the Canadian Restaurant Food Association conducted a survey about the frequency of eating out by Canadians and the reasons why. Not surprisingly a main reason why people head out to eat is for the social interaction. Toronto has a superb restaurant scene that rivals all of the global heavy hitters. A friend of mine, and a serious world-traveler, recently said that what he loves most about dining-out in Toronto is that it’s possible to find cuisine from anywhere in the world in this city that is authentic. Not impostor food, or โ€œmelting potโ€ food, but the real-deal. Torontonians are mad for diversity and it shows not just in the streets but in the cuisine too.

But dining-out comes with responsibility. To answer ten of the most often discussed dining dilemmas is etiquette expert and founder of Orr Etiquette, Lisa Orr.

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