Why Fredericton’s Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival Is The Perfect Parents’ Weekend Out

UrbanMomsCa September 15, 2016
Closeup of late 20's couple on a date during an open air concert. They are having amazing time together with big crowd around them. Back lit.

Need a weekend out? Of course you do. If you love live music and a great time, the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival is the place to turn to. This gathering has become a beloved fixture of the community since its inception in 1991, with thousands of people from around the country travelling and staying in one of IHG®’s Fredericton hotels to enjoy tunes of both the fresh and classic variety. Here’s why the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival is worth dropping the kids off at Grandma’s house for some much-needed me-time between Tuesday, September 13 and Sunday, September 18, 2016.


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