Getting Disney Tattoos After 40 Says Nothing About My Parenting Skills

tattoo mom

Yes, those are my legs, and no, those aren’t old tattoos.

I’m 42 years old, and my amazing friend Karen Awesom is the artist behind each of those Disney tattoos that I’ve had done in the last 18 months. I think they’re beautiful, and there are parts of each of those characters I love so much, I wanted them with me wherever I go. And those aren’t the only inks I carry.

During my last session with Karen, I asked her about her own tattoos, wondering if she was ever negatively judged for the art that adorns her body. She’s beautifully tattooed and pierced, and I love how unique a human being she is. But I knew there must be others who feel differently. Her answer? Sometimes she was judged. And I nodded. Me, too.

Right now, you’re probably either thinking about how amazing my tattoos are, or you’re wondering what the hell is wrong with me. Either way, you’re not alone. I’ve seen the looks when I wear shorts and skirts—the sideways glances and judgments as people look from me to my kids, and back again. What kind of mother is she? What do her kids think? What kind of example is she setting?