Your Kids Don’t Give A Sh*t About Your Summer Activities And Bucket Lists

A little blonde girl with blue eyes and caucasian skin crying.  She is outside in the backyard and is very upset.  She has pig tails and she is a little muddy and damp.  She is wearing a white dress with black accents and is pulling her hair.  The background is green grass and trees.

“Stop making that noise, it makes me want to throw squirrels.”

The sound of crackling plastic was driving my husband to the point of rodent aerodynamics. It was day two of summer break. The day before, he was rejoicing at no longer having to pack lunches and fight the morning traffic driving our son to school. And now he was mentally throwing squirrels.

While the likelihood of my husband playing squirrel toss was low (and would probably be pretty ineffective, I’m just guessing,) the struggle was real. We barely had our toes wet into summer vacation, and we were already going crazy.

As a former preschool teacher, I am no stranger to programming activities for children. I helped run a summer camp program, I know how to keep kids busy during the summer. I also know that they never want to do anything you plan, so don’t even try.

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