Is A Nanny Only For Rich People?


Recently my good and long-time friend Naomi Parness visited me.

She’s one of those friends who I don’t see often enough, but when we see each other it’s literally like time hasn’t passed.

Naomi and I are polar opposites.  She is a Toronto city girl who hates country life and I’m a country girl who loves the solitude of nature.  We have always embraced each others differences and supported each other, especially in our careers and in motherhood.

Naomi knew even before she was pregnant that she wanted a Nanny. She has two boys and has had a nanny since her first child was born. I can remember visiting her house, mouth agape at the idea of a woman living in her home who cooked, cleaned and did laundry and got up with the baby!

It was the most foreign concept I could imagine, yet the smartest. We tried to hire a Nanny, but since we don’t live in the GTA and we didn’t want a live-in, we had a hard time finding someone who fit. And we also didn’t always have the budget for one.

Watch the impromptu vlog I shot with with Naomi chatting about the financial commitment of a Nanny and why it makes a lot more sense than you may think.