The Summer Activity Books Are Empty and Other Back to School Confessions

I bought work books so my daughter could keep up with what she learned in school, but now that she's going back, well, they're kinda empty.

My daughter’s junior kindergarten report card was amazing. Her teachers outlined every area of learning they’d covered, citing specific activities and how my daughter had performed, engaged and internalized each of them. At the end, it said that when she went back to school after summer vacation, she would be in senior kindergarten.

I couldn’t have been prouder.

Now that she’s going back, I feel a need to confess to my back-to-school short-comings. I have to admit, I didn’t do much to keep up with her progress over summer vacation. In fact, when my daughter does go back to school, she’ll only be a teeny-tiny bit further along then when she left. So, in the interest of being an honest mom to myself and to you, here are a few areas where I totally slacked off on my daughters learning.