Then Vs Now: When Did Kids Birthday Parties Get So Pinterest?

UrbanMomsCa September 6, 2017
Two girls having fun with birthday cake cream at party

Do you remember birthday parties in the ’80s and ‘90s? You’d invite over all of your school friends, play Dream Phone or Mall Madness and then pop in a VHS (Troop Beverly Hills or Clueless, maybe, depending on your year of birth).

There would be pizza served on napkins and a sheet cake that your mom baked herself (iced on the top only because she was serving it straight out of the pan). If your family was really trendy, you got Worms in Dirt instead of a cake and were allowed to play with Ouija boards (totally inspired by The Craft, of course).

Now think of your kids’ birthday parties. They’re probably awesome, but are there any sheet cakes in sight?

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