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Are you a mom blogger looking to grow your audience and/or monetize your site and its content? SavvyMom Media offers two exciting opportunities for Canadian mom bloggers to grow their brands and their businesses. We’re working with over 100 of Canada’s top mom blogs and you could be next!

Share your content with a larger community via our SavvyStories content sharing platform. Submit your content with our editors via a state-of-the-art web platform and an introduction to your original blog post will be promoted to the SavvyMom audience via social media and newsletters, and readers will be directed to view the complete content on your blog site, driving additional page views for your blog.

SavvyStoriesBenefits of Being a SavvyStories Member:

  • Web platform with traffic sharing
  • Social media support
  • Newsletter support


Spend your time creating content for your blog, not chasing after advertisers and trying to navigate the complex world of insertion orders and ad trafficking. SavvyMom Media can represent your site to brands and agencies looking to reach the mom market, ensuring you high quality opportunities for sponsorship.

SavvyMom Media CollectiveBenefits of Joining the Collective:

  • Access to national brands
  • Display ads
  • Premium sponsored posts

For more on how SavvyStories and the SavvyMom Collective work together to grow your audience and increase your ad revenue, watch our video:

You can also download our guide to the SavvyMom Media Collective to find out more about how it works, the benefits to you, compensation and case studies.

Contact Christine Rigby at christine.rigby@savvymom.ca to find out more about joining.

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