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‘Reel’ Cool Parties


The 84th Annual Academy Awards are coming up on February 26. If your little star-in-training has a birthday this Oscar-month, celebrate ‘€˜film fest’€™ style at the movies.
The Plaza Theatre is an independent movie house (think red velvet seats and real butter on your popcorn) located in historic Kensington. They offer a unique party package, perfect for a child’€™s birthday.

Rent the entire theatre mid-day, bring your own DVD and create a private showing for as many kids as you can pack in seats. The theatre costs a flat rate of $250 to rent (no matter how many guests are in attendance). Bring your own cake and purchase popcorn and pop for $4 per guest.

We love the idea of replicating an afternoon at the Oscars, so encourage kids to dress up in formal wear. Replace traditional loot bags with feather boas and fake moustaches for a fancy afternoon on the town.

Many other theatres offer party packages, and work well if you have a small group or are looking for a more affordable price tag.

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