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The List: No More Bored


Granny’s HouseHave we learned nothing from Little Red Riding Hood? Apparently not, since the objective of this game offers similar themes to the classic story: to get to Granny’s house safely by going through dark woods, over a stream, past a sleeping bear, using cooperation and imagination to overcome obstacles along the way. Ages 4 to 7 ($14.95, Tell me more)

Animal Upon Animal
Animal Upon Animal
Any way you stack it up, life is a balancing act. Let’s see how well the kids handle it (on the animal level anyway) in this entertaining and active game of balance and coordination. Kids will love playing with the figures too. Ages 4 and up ($54.95, Tell me more)

5-in-1 Bamboo Game Kit
5-in-1 Bamboo Game Kit
Every well-equipped boredom buster cupboard should contain a set of the classics (Checkers, Dominos, Jenga, Chinese Checkers and Chess). Made of fast-growing bamboo, this eco-conscious game board beats its plastic rivals every time. Ages 3 and up ($53.49, Tell me more)

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