Dish soap is great for cooking oil stains

Attacking Oil Stains

Submitted by: Heather Seabrook

To remove a cooking oil stain from cotton, put some dish soap on it, scrub it in a bit with a toothbrush then launder as normal.

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Cool soup with frozen veggies

Cooling with Frozen Veggies

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

For a quick (and tasty) way to cool your kids’ soup down, add frozen veggies rather than an ice cube. They thaw quickly and are more nutritious than frozen water.

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Aluminum foil ball

Foil Scrubber

Submitted by: Agnes Marshall & Theresa Hageman

If you hate the idea of throwing away that used aluminum foil, here’s a green solution to try. Scrunch it up into a ball, and the next time you have a pot, dish or BBQ BRILL that needs serious scrubbing, use some dish soap and your foil ball rather than steel wool. Not only will you be getting it clean, but by reusing, you’re going green.

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Recycling symbol

Recycling Toys

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

When your kids grow tired of last year’s toys, don’t let them hang around the house until they are destroyed and then need to be thrown in the garbage (i.e. landfill). Recycle them by giving them to a neighbour or a local charity.

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Keep this on your washer to remind you to check for stains

Laundry Check Reminder

Submitted by: Tracey Hoey

To remember to check that a stain is gone in the washing machine (before drying it), stick a magnet on the washer door.

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