Learn how to freeze bacon

Cooking Bacon Quickly

Submitted by: Trena Lien

To freeze bacon for easy use next time, let cooked bacon slices cool on paper towel to absorb fat. Then layer on wax paper, cover with a second sheet, and freeze in a freezer bag. Reheat for 10 seconds in the microwave.

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Start Your Holiday Planning

Start Your Holiday Planning

Sit down early this December and figure out what’s important for the family to do together this season. Whether it’s driving around to see the lights, watching a traditional holiday movie or building a gingerbread house, make sure to schedule those things into your busy December schedule so that they actually happen this year.

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Use pesto to boost your pasta sauce

Pasta Sauce Flavour Booster

Submitted by: Leah Leitch

To boost the flavour of your pasta sauce, add a tablespoonful of prepared jarred pesto sauce (green or red).

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An easy way to reuse your swim diapers

Reusing Swim Diapers

Submitted by: Linda Dirksengale

Disposable swimming diapers can be reused several times. Just rinse out the diaper and hang it to dry when you get home from the pool. Saves money and keeps diapers out of the landfill.

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Keep this on hand for easy shopping lists

Savvy Shopping Lists

Submitted by: Ashley S.

Using a notebook for your shopping lists prevents little papers getting lost in your purse, and allows you to refer to old lists if you forgot something.

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