Cool soup with frozen veggies

Cooling with Frozen Veggies

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

For a quick (and tasty) way to cool your kids’ soup down, add frozen veggies rather than an ice cube. They thaw quickly and are more nutritious than frozen water.

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Get your cleaning done before spring arrives by doing this

Spring Cleaning Schedule

Submitted by: Charlene Vidal

Eastablish a pre-spring schedule for spring cleaning so can enjoy the spring when it finally arrives.

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Lollipops are great to have on hand when flying

Air Travel Sanity Saver

Submitted by: Nikki Glahn

Throw a couple little lollipops in your purse when embarking on a flight as they are great ‘surprise’ treats for the descent (by which time kids could be getting restless) and the swallowing helps the kids to keep their ears open.

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Kitchen utensils as sand toys

Kitchen Sand Toys

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Instead of buying plastic sand toys, pick up some metal baking tins, muffin pans, bowls and other kitchen essentials at a garage sale or thrift store (or even from your own cupboards if you have unused items). It’s cheaper, greener (they last longer and you’re recycling something) and kids love to ‘cook’ in the sandbox with their grown-up utensils.

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Art Wrapping

Art Wrapping

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Recycle those works of art from school and use them to wrap gifts. Or fold them in half and write a short note inside and voila, a card is made.

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