Remote Control

Wipe Away the Germs

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Good hygiene tips will help you and your family stay healthy this cold and flu season. Keep sanitizer cloths handy to wipe electronic items that are touched often (phones, computers, remote controls, and hand-held games).

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Keeping Track of Groceries

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

When unpacking your groceries, keep the newer items near the back of the fridge so that the ones with earlier expiration dates get used first. Keep this mind when you are placing eggs in the tray as well.

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Measuring sticky substances

Measuring Sticky Substances

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

It’s sticky business measuring ingredients like honey and molasses that cling to the sides of your cup. Next time try rinsing your measuring cup with hot water and empty it out (but don’t dry). It’s slippery when wet so your syrup slides right out.

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Keep your travel plans private

Safe Travel Plans

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Vacation time is here, so if you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip, avoid sharing this exciting news on the Internet. While it’s tempting to share your vacation plans on Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy for your info to get into the wrong hands. Save the posting for the post-vacation photos instead.

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Help your kids rediscover their toys by doing this

Make Toys New Again

Submitted by: Laurel Thomas

Hide some toys away in a covered container and bring them out several months later. Your children will love playing with the ‘new’ toys again!

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