Substitute potatoes with this great veggie

Healthy Potato Substitute

Submitted by: Lisi Tesher

Try making an old-school fave with a twist: mashed potatoes with cauliflower. The colour and texture doesn’t change and if you add cheese, they’ll never know the difference!

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Homemade sugar scrub

Sugar Scrub

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Dry winter skin needs exfoliation: make a homemade sugar scrub for a quick and affordable solution. Mix together 1 cup brown sugar, ½ cup olive oil and 1 Tbsp of lemon juice. Rub onto skin in the shower and rinse.

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Keep an extra one of these on hand

Emergency Diaper Bag

Submitted by: Adriana Fitzgerald

Always have a diaper bag packed with essentials in case an emergency comes up. That way you are ready to go with one less thing to stress about.

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Kitchen utensils as sand toys

Kitchen Sand Toys

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Instead of buying plastic sand toys, pick up some metal baking tins, muffin pans, bowls and other kitchen essentials at a garage sale or thrift store (or even from your own cupboards if you have unused items). It’s cheaper, greener (they last longer and you’re recycling something) and kids love to ‘cook’ in the sandbox with their grown-up utensils.

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Keep copies of kids' forms

Keeping Copies of Forms

When it comes to schools and camps, health cards and vaccination records are crucial. Avoid the eye-strain of trying to transcribe those checkmarks and numbers onto all those camp and school forms. Make a bunch of copies of your children’s vaccination records, health cards and birth certificates so you can just pop them in the envelope as needed.

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