Homemade sugar scrub

Sugar Scrub

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

Dry winter skin needs exfoliation: make a homemade sugar scrub for a quick and affordable solution. Mix together 1 cup brown sugar, ½ cup olive oil and 1 Tbsp of lemon juice. Rub onto skin in the shower and rinse.

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Popsicle holders

Easy Popsicle Drip Catcher

Submitted by: Dana Berr

To keep kids’ hands clean while eating popsicles, fold a napkin or thick piece of paper towel into a square big enough to cover the top of their hand and poke a hole (or cut a small slit) in the middle. Slide it up the stick so it creates a barrier between the treat and your child’s hand.

Do this to remind yourself to go to the gym

Easy Workout Reminder

Submitted by: Dara Tomasson

To remind you to get to the gym, put on your workout clothes immediately upon waking.

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Work Schedules

Work ‘Schedules’

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

It’s easy to bring the office home, and sometimes a necessity. Consider scheduling a ‘work’ time that coincides with your children’s homework time. When that time is up, you can enjoy some bonding time together.

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Keeping Track of Groceries

Submitted by: SavvyMom Editors

When unpacking your groceries, keep the newer items near the back of the fridge so that the ones with earlier expiration dates get used first. Keep this mind when you are placing eggs in the tray as well.

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