Try consignment stores for kids' clothing

Consign is Fine

Submitted by: Adrienne Geady

Try consignment stores for kids’ gently used clothing since they’re going to outgrow theirs in months. They are especially handy if your child needs a special occasion outfit that will only be worn once.

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Keep a basket at the top and bottom of the stairs

Trip Up, Trip Down

Submitted by: Agnes Marshall & Patricia Boyle

Keep a basket at the top and bottom of the stairs so you can fill it with all the items that need to go up and down the next time you make the trip.

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This helps to save ironing time

Laundry Savers

Submitted by: Agnes Marshall

Wash and rinse clothes in cold water to save money and dry on the no-iron setting to cut down on ironing time.

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Use water to get the last of your hand soap

Soap Saver

Submitted by: Rachel Plouffe

Add a little extra water in your liquid hand soap to get the last bit of soap out of the bottom.

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Use a toolbelt to hold cleaning supplies

Toolbelt Helper

Submitted by: Gina Myhill-Jones

Hate lugging buckets of cleaning supplies? Try a real tool belt (from the building supply or hardware store). No more stooping to pick up supplies.

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