DIY Gardens for Kids: 5 Easy Things to Plant This Spring

DIY Gardens for Kids - SavvyMom
Little boy (5 years) in community garden, smelling fresh herb plant.

Spring is supposed to be sprung soon even though it feels like it will never come. While we wait, why not keep busy and try something new with your kids, like planting DIY gardens of veggies and herbs. Bonus: this activity will bear gifts all summer long!

If the thought of planting my your own vegetable garden seems a little daunting, there are easy ways to start before working your way up to more difficult fruits and veggies.

Here are five good beginner things to grow if you’re considering DIY gardens with your kids. They can be grown in the ground or in pots which makes them ideal for balconies.


Plant seeds after the threat of frost is gone. The perfect addition to any salad or crudite plate.


Plant seedlings when frost has dissapeared. This veggie needs something to lean on to stay off the ground so place sticks in soil when planting. Doing it later could damage roots. As it grows, lightly tie stems to the support.


This may be one of the easiest things to grow. It will come back every year without having to be replanted. In fact, there is a good chance you will have to pull some of the roots as it multiplies and can become invasive. Plant seedlings and enjoy this delicious and aromatic herb.

Green Beans

A great vegetable for gardening novices. Again, one to be planted when the frost has gone. By mid-summer you will be feasting on crisp beans. Great for dunking in herby dips!


Plant seedlings after frost has departed. This fresh herb typically will not survive through the winter and will need to be replanted the following spring.

A few tips to success for your DIY gardens:

  1. Keep soil moist but not soaked. Over watered plants can end up with rotted roots.
  2. Mix in some compost to your soil to create a nutrient rich bed for your produce to grow in.
  3. Keep your soil weed free.
  4. Lots of love. Plants need to be nurtured.

Although an often overwhelming idea, gardening can be very rewarding. What’s better than digging in to a salad that you grew yourself? If I can do it, trust me, anyone can.


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