4 New Year’s Eve Party Dip Recipes


I’m a big fan of staying in on New Year’s Eve. Pandemic notwithstanding, with the frigid temps, there is something warm and cozy about staying indoors with friends and family to celebrate the end of the holidays, while simultaneously ushering in a new year.

There may not be confetti, or a party of epic proportions, but there will certainly be food, and lots of it. I almost like cooking for New Year’s Eve more than I do for Christmas. There’s less pressure, and I can be more creative as there are no expectations for the foods that will grace the table.

I almost always try to assemble a platter of dips for the occasion. Self-serve food is a must-have at any casual gathering, and I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like to put together a small plate of assorted dips, accompanied by crackers, crisps, breads, and vegetables.

Feta Salsa is one of my personal favourite dips to serve. There is no cooking involved, and it can be made hours, or even a day, in advance. In fact, the longer the dip rests, the better it tastes, which makes it ideal for a fuss-free evening. We have a few other dips on the SavvyMom site if you’re looking further for a little celebration inspiration:

For presentation, one of my favourite ideas is the individual crudité. Tell us, do you prefer to go out or stay in on New Year’s Eve? If you stay in, do you have special foods you like to prepare?

To see the full printable recipe, click here: Festive Feta Salad.


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