Individual Crudité


Every busy mom needs a few quick and easy appetizers in her back pocket, don’t you think? I first spotted these in Martha Stewart’s Weddings magazine and was relieved to find a recipe for something fun and simple that didn’t require me to spend my day in the kitchen.

Using nothing more than a large baguette, some favourite dips and spreads and a few chopped veggies, these little nibbles will make a great starter for any event. They’re a hit with the ladies, hearty enough for the men and they work for the kids too. In fact, I’ve offered these up to my boys for an after-school snack, and they devour the veggies far quicker then if they were just set out on a plate.

Tell us, what are some of your back-pocket appetizers for entertaining?

Individual Crudité in Bread Bowls

You’ll Need

  • Baguettes (plain, multigrain, pumpernickel)
  • Assorted dips and spreads (hummus, tzatziki, roasted red pepper)
  • Veggies sticks and slices

Prep and Cook

  1. Cut slices of bread on a diagonal and hollow out the centre.
  2. Fill the middle with a dip and stick in a few veggie slices per bread bowl.


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