13 Meal Ideas for the Whole Family, from Toddlers to Teenagers

Family Eating Dinner Together

Now that your baby has turned one and is no longer consuming baby food, you might be wondering what to make them for dinner. Happily, there are no foods that are off limits at this point’€”although I do continue to keep salt and sugar consumption to a minimum’€”and really suggest feeding your baby the same thing that you and your spouse or the rest of the family is eating.
This will not only make your life easier, but exposing your baby to the same foods that the rest of the family is eating will help them to develop a palate that’€™s similar to the rest of you, and will also help to discourage picky eating. I didn’€™t feed my first two children this way and I can confidently say there is a vast different in how my current baby eats now that he’€™s been offered a variety of flavours and textures and not just traditional baby food like my other children were.

To get you started, I’€™ve highlighted 13 of our favourite all-ages family-friendly meals below. For your little one, simply cut the food into tiny pieces and let them feed themselves.

These meals work well for lunch as well, and can also be served in smaller portions for a nutritious snack. I serve almost every meal with some extra fruit and veggies on the side (think chopped banana, applesauce, mashed berries, mango, etc.)


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