13 Old School Ways to Play

Boy Playing with Paper Boat in Water

Behold Bright Lights Female fireflies have it all figured out; they signal their readiness to mate by blinking on and off. (There’s a lesson for us in there somewhere.) To catch a male firefly, mimic the blinking of a female with a flashlight turning on and off, then swoop them up as they fly by. When it’s ‘lights out’ for the kids, it’ll be time to let the fireflies out too. What You’ll Need: fireflies, a glass jar with lid and air holes, some long grass and patience.

Sail Away
You run a tight ship, so teaching the kids about paper boat races should be second nature. Take a refresher on the required folds, grab some paper and you’re off to the races on a lake, in a pool, even in the bathtub. What You’ll Need: paper (normal printer-sized paper is fine, for larger boats, use bigger sizes) and markers, so kids can personalize their vessel.

Go Hunting
Take note, PETA. We’re suggesting the kind that includes a treasure map or scavenger list. For younger kids, this activity will require heavy input/involvement on your part but older kids can team up to create and design their own hunt of either kind. Add a time element and the knowledge that a double scoop of something cool and delicious awaits them afterwards, and a summer tradition is born. What You’ll Need: maps, clues, treasure (for a treasure hunt) or a list of items to be collected (for a scavenger hunt).

Get schooled in fun with these Old School Ways to Play.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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