20 Great Father’s Day Gifts

SavvyMom April 25, 2016
Father's Day Gift Giving

Moms, we had our day in the sun (or rain, as it happened). Now it’s Dad’s turn for attention as we think about what to do and what to get for Father’s Day.

We found some great Father’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of dads on the list, and a few yummy recipes for those who value the gift of a good meal.

Like the Blomus Men’s Room Sign, for the Fun-Loving Dad, this gift can be tongue-in-cheek, or pointedly instructional. It’s most appreciated by the dad living in a house of multiple women and fewer washrooms. Made of stainless steel with adhesive backing, all signs point to this gift being a total hit. ($8)

Book lovers will appreciate 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (and Other Useful Guides) by Mathew Inman. Originally created for the humour and satire site theoatmeal.com, it’s now in book form. Among other imperative information, Dad will learn the six reasons bacon is better than true love (“Love is fleeting, but bacon stays in your arteries for all eternity”) and the six phases of a tapeworm’s life (you don’t want to know). ($12.26)
You married him because he was smart, so don’t be shy about turning him into an even bigger Egghead. The Big Green Egg ceramic cooker is now available in Canada and has developed a following among backyard foodies. For the barbecue master in your home, the Egg may be the best gift yet, and it’ll give back to the whole family in the form of deliciously cooked food. Your chef can grill up a steak or bake a loaf of bread using natural charcoal. (Prices vary)


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