360° Quick™ Multi-Directional Steam/Dry Iron


In the past, they’ve been hot, heavy, and definitely bothersome. They were labour-intensive tools and the reason we always hunted for clothing with the words ‘wrinkle-free’ on the label. And then, Panasonic came to our rescue with their award-winning 360° Quick™ Iron allowing us the freedom to rid our clothing of wrinkles without putting more on our face through the ironing process. This multi-directional steam/dry iron is specifically designed to save you time, thanks to its curvy, non-stick ceramic bottom plate which makes side-to-side movements more ergonomic. It also has additional steam vents (and a stay-clean vent system) along with a 3-way auto shut-off. And did we mention it makes ironing tight areas much easier? With this hot product, ironing laundry will never be a wrinkle in your busy day again. ($79.99, available at www.futureshop.ca).


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