4 Party Dessert Trends for 2016

Jan Scott April 26, 2016

As a former caterer I have quite a few friends working in the food industry, and these days the talk in the kitchen is all about the predicted food trends for 2016. I’€™m particularly interested in what people are saying will be popular party desserts in the coming year, and thought you might also be interested in case you have a big celebration planned for 2016. Here are four potential desserts you can expect to see served at your soirees this year:

1. Ice Cream Sandwiches: How fun is this? A summer staple for many kids, ice cream sandwiches are back in a big way and this year they are going to be elevated from the traditional chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream combo into creative flavour combinations like shortbread cookies with caramel crunch ice cream.

2. Sugar and Spice: A menu-tracking tool in the USA has determined that spice is the 5th most popular dessert flavour, and it’€™s currently being added to everything from cupcakes to cookies. Herbs are also predicted to flavour a variety of desserts and baked goods this year (think basil-infused whipped cream) so now might be a good time to think about growing that herb garden you’€™ve always wanted.

3. Fresh Fruit: As party menus move towards fresh and healthy eating, desserts are following suit, and trending towards fresh options for a finish to the meal. Bowls of fresh berries with whipped cream; platters of sliced tropical and exotic fruit, and parfaits with puddings and fruit are expected to be big this year.

4. Mini Desserts: ‘€˜Small plates’€™ will remain popular in the food world this year, and the allure of little bites is extending to the dessert table as well. Bite-size brownies and mini pudding pies could be big this year, as guests love the idea of filling a plate with a several smaller dessert options instead of one large slice of cake.

Tell us, which predicted dessert trend most excites you? Are you planning any special celebrations this year? We’€™d love to hear!

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